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Welcome to The Geek Revolution Podcast Website

The Geek Revolution Podcast goal is to entertain people while informing them about the latest technologies that can improve their lives and  their businesses today! Our mission is to inspire people … to ignite new dreams, passions and hopes for a brighter future … to have fun and make money … while leveraging the latest time saving and money making technologies.

Hosted by Leo Vollmerhause … The Geek Revolution Podcast is a series of interviews with very successful entrepreneurs, internet marketing experts, software developers, health and wealth life coaches, successful authors and more, men and women who are leaders in their fields of business, marketing and technology.

We will learn from our fascinating and inspiring guests

  • What motivated them to start their businesses?
  • What lessons did they learn from their failures and successes?
  • What technologies improved their business and their lives?
  • What new technologies are they developing now?
  • What are some of the secrets of their success in life and business. 

Our guests will encourage and inspire you to have hope for a brighter future, to reach your dreams and achieve your life  and business goals.

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