How to Increase Traffic Podcast Marketing

Submit to the podcast directories and you’re guaranteed to generate more listings in the search engines in their own right, sometimes in minutes! Which in turn creates more quality back-links to help you obtain better organic listings for your blog which leads to an increase in traffic.

If you can write an article then you can create a podcast, if fact why not create and audible version of your best content, purchase a USB Mic or even use your own in built in microphone within your laptop, press record and read aloud. If you are genuinely interested and passionate about your subject, aims, goals and aspirations then this will show in your voice, along with your content this passion will be potentially very attractive to your target audience.

I want you to begin by installing the WordPress plugin ‘podPress’ this will enable you to set a player within you blog giving your visitors access to your audio content, not only this but it will allow you to set up an iTunes feed URL allowing you to hit the big-time and get distributed through Apples mighty iTunes store, you can do this from right within the settings in WordPress, when you’re ready it plugs you straight into the stores directory via the iTunes application. The plugin also allows you to create a standard RSS feed URL for distribution to other directories too.

The next piece of software I recommend is Audacity on a PC or if you’re on a Mac you could quite as easily use Garage Band which has the ability to produce podcasts… You can use royalty free music or the Apple loops built into the software, creating jingles as an intro, a transition between topics and as closing music to your podcast.

A Basic format would be as follows:

• Show opening using royalty free music or better the built in Apple loops in Garage Band
• Your introduction a bit about yourself what you do and your aims for your listeners
• Headline and deliver your topic, try and stick to no more than 5 mins.
• Follow up with multiple topics if you’re so inclined. Again all no more than 5 mins.
• Enter your closing remarks.
• Close with your music jingle… same as opening jingle.

I’d love to go into even more detail on how to properly record, mix and edit your podcast here but I’m limited for time suffice to say I’ll go into a lot more detail in person or by email you can find details below. Or maybe there’s another article on this topic. You really have to podcast to increase traffic you won’t be disappointed.

15 March 2014 Podcasting Tips

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