Determine Topics For Your Podcasts

Podcasts can be really awesome internet marketing tools if you understand them. Basically what you do is you record your voice, a conversation on something somebody wants to hear about. Now for the million dollar question…how do you decide on the topic for your podcast…how do you figure out what it is people really want to know about?

You know, if I were asked that question about building a website, I would say go out, do your keyword research and find out what problems people are searching for solutions to. That’s still a good idea…the challenge for websites is that there is so much material out there you really have to narrow your focus.

Well, you don’t have to do that so much with podcasts because this is still a pretty young area for internet marketing. So with podcasts I would say, keep your topic broad. You know you might have thousands or millions of websites trying to get traffic for the same keyword, but there just aren’t that many podcasts out there yet. Think of how broad your topic could be for a website 10 or 15 years ago…and it is like that.

So start broad and get your audience. Your audience will grow because of word of mouth and because the whole podcasting world is expanding really, really rapidly. It’s kind of like a tide…and you want to rise with it.

Build a relationship with your subscribers. If they’re interested in what you have to say and they get into the habit of listening to you, for your 10-15 minutes every week or so you will have a pretty loyal group. So then if someone else comes along say 6 or 12 months from now and they develop a bunch of podcasts…you are still going to be good because you have built your relationship with your listeners.

That may seem naïve, but it is true–because the sound of your voice is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience. My voice, through teleseminars, has made me an immense amount of money. And it is the same with podcasts.

Speaking of teleseminars…one of the ways you can develop content for your podcast is through your teleseminars! You can use your existing content and spin it into a new format.

Now, a teleseminar tends to be an hour or even hour and a half, right? Well, I’m going to say you should test this…because each niche may have a different preference…but generally podcasts are going to be maybe 10-15 minutes long…maybe half an hour. So you can break the teleseminar down…not use the whole big chunk at one time.

You can break the teleseminar into maybe 3 or 4 parts and deliver it as part of a series. The series might be spread over a week, or you can do one part every week.

The other way to know what to talk about is to get feedback from your listeners. Podcasting is not a one-way street. Your listeners really will like being involved and participating. So ask them questions, get their input, ask them for ideas for future podcasts.

Then when you create that podcast thank the listener(s) who suggested the topic. Not only are they going to glad to know you listened to them, they don’t expect to hear their name coming out of their radio…and when they do it will love it!

Follow these guidelines for getting content for your podcasts and you will be able to take advantage of these fantastic internet marketing tools and grow a list of loyal subscribers.

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