Podcasting As a List Building Tool

I am always excited to hear stories about how people are building their list of subscribers…I’m known for list building and it is something I love teaching about and sharing success stories about. Podcasting is a tool you can use for list building that maybe you haven’t thought about. After all, people don’t have to go to an opt-in form to listen to a podcast, right?

Scott Paton is probably the king of podcasting…so I was talking to him about how awesome podcasting is and he told me this fantastic story.
Now Scott has a lot of podcasts…one of them was in the weight loss niche. Normally I would not tell anyone to go into that niche because it is so competitive, but with podcasting…they are still pretty new so a lot of the big niches are still pretty wide open.

So, he started with zero subscribers…just like everybody does. In 11 months he had almost 70,000!

How did he do that? Well, consistency is one thing…I’ve talked about this before…and it doesn’t really matter which internet marketing tool you are going to use, you have to be consistent about it for it to work.

So every week he did a podcast. Each podcast was about 15-20 minutes. Say it was 20 minutes of talking time. Then add about 10 minutes for editing and uploading. So 30 minutes a week to create the podcast…half an hour a week and less than a year later 70,000 people are listening.
That’s a pretty powerful list building tool!

Now, some of these subscribers are not on your email list…not everyone wants to be notified by email about upcoming podcasts…but still you can create a large subscriber base of people who are listening to you and acting on what you are saying…in 30 minutes a week! That’s pretty sweet.

To get more of those people on your email list you can drive them back to your squeeze page to get a free report or something on the same topic.

You can have an existing business that is doing really well and use podcasting to take that business to another level. You will reach a different audience…and you will reach them in a different way because they will be responding to your voice…you will just connect in a different way which is really cool.

Scott told me another story that really demonstrates this. A couple who already had a six-figure business heard him talk about how powerful podcasts are and so they decided to put it to the test. They did a series of 10 or 12 podcasts. They only about 40 downloads…not huge numbers, right? Well those 40 downloads brought in an extra $ 35,000 to their business!

What’s important about growing your list…your subscriber base…is that you have a targeted group. Right? I teach that a lot. Tons of generalized traffic just isn’t as powerful as smaller amounts of targeted traffic. So even if you don’t hit 70,000 in a year, if you keep growing your base with targeted listeners you’ll be growing your business which is really the name of the game.

You want to focus on who you want to talk to…don’t focus on your product…focus on the person who wants your products…focus on helping people.

The bottom line is, you focus on helping people in a targeted area and you will reach people. And because people hear YOUR voice and really get to connect with you, they are going to keep listening. That’s how podcasting works as an awesome list building tool!

2 March 2014 Podcasting Tips

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